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Photo Gallery
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2008 BCALA-CT Program Urban Lit: the hot new genre at the Connecticut Libary Association 2008 Conference


2007 Dr. Spencer Shaw Honored with a NAACP Award

Pic 1Pic 2

Here are two photographs from the Hartford NAACP Award Program on Feb. 3, 2007. Pic 1: Dr. Shaw bestowed with an award with BCALA-CT members present: Pic 2: Past President Celestia Simmons, Tracie Hall (Past Vice President), Michele MacFarland-Gamble and Elise Browne.


2004 CLA Conference--BCALA-CT Programs...

1.5th Anniversary cake 2. anniversary cake 3. annivesary guests

4. Josephine_Veronica 5. Phara_Josephine 6. Andrew Jackson(Sekou)

7. Biddle and Sekou 8. Debra_Ida_Blanche_Ella 9. DonnaThompsonBennett

10. HenryJones 11. Henry on Drums 12. Henry on Drums

13. Ida McGhee 14. Kwanzaa program at CLA



ida receiving AwardCongratulations Ida!!
Ida D. McGhee honored with a Community Service Award by the Greater Hartford Club of the National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women's Clubs on April 26, 2003 [photo: Ida McGhee with friend D. Johnson]. Note: As of May 30th, Ida McGhee is now a retired librarian of Hartford Public Library. 


 Ida with Dr. Robert HarrisBlack History Program: "Souls of Black Folk" 
Hartford Public Library
[photo: Ida McGhee with Dr. Robert Harris, Cornell University and Anne Ford, Principal of Windsor High School] The unveiling of Thurgood Marshall Black Heritage Stamp, February 7, 2002. Learn more about the USPS Black Heritage Series.




2003 CLA Conference--BCALA-CT Programs

"Growing Your Talent Tree"   

2. Guest Speakers:  Ida D. McGhee, [Josephine Fulcher-Anderosn, Past BCALA-CT President]  Pam Goodes, [Veronica Stevenson-Moudamane, Current BCALA-CT President], Carol W. Robinson
Jose Ruiz-Alvarez

3 & 4.  [Veronica Stevenson-Moudamane, Moderator]; Carol W. Robinson, former Deputy Library Director, Montclair Public Library; Jose Ruiz-Alvarez, Spanish Language Librarian, 2002 New York Times Librarian of the Year, Feguson Library, Stamford, CT; Ida D. McGhee, Manager, Library on Wheels, Hartford Public Library, Hartford, CT; Pam Goodes, Associate Editor for American Libraries, ALA, Chicago, IL.
5. Jose Ruiz Alvarez speaking to an attendee of the workshop
6. Pam Goodes
7. Veronica Stevenson-Moudamane, holding a copy of the video donated by Pam Goodes to BCALA-CT. 

1. Program sign at CLA  Conference 2003  2. Guest Speakers at Conference  3. Group shot at conference         

 4.Group shot of Panelists 5.  Jose Ruiz Alvarez 6. Pam Goodes, ALA    

 7.Veronica Stevenson


 Does Your Staff Reflect Your Community?: Multi-Cultural Programming for Youth
no images available



Book & Author Dessert Reception 2003

BookandAuthor Panelists


 Tracie Hall, Albany Branch Farewell Party

Tracie H. Goodbye Party Tracie H. Goodbye Part Tracie H. Goodbye Part Tracie H. Goodbye Part 

Tracie H. Goodbye Part Tracie H. Goodbye Part Tracie H. Goodbye Part Tracie H. Goodbye Part

Tracie H. Goodbye Part Tracie H. Goodbye Part)Tracie H. Goodbye Part Tracie H. Goodbye Part) Tracie H. Goodbye Part) Tracie H. Goodbye Part 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Legacy of Environmental and Social Justice 2003 
BCALA-CT members were involved again this year at this wonderful event. We set up a table and promoted the joy of reading, library services and answered questions about the library field.

     Yale_MLK Day 2003 Yale_MLK Day 2003 Yale_MLK Day 2003 Yale_MLK Day 2003

2002 CLA Conference--BCALA-CT Programs.  

CLA Conference 2002 Speakers  N.Cherry  Nancy and Anwar  Astoria and Debra  T Neely and S Shaw  Anwar and Leslie  Josephine and Spencer  CLA Conference 2002  CLA Conference 2002  Adams  T Bolden  Author  Book Display  Book Display   CLA Conference 2002  Jose Ruiz Alverez  

 2001 CLA Conference--BCALA-CT Programs 

 group shot of members  Veronica, Tracie and Michael   Em Claire Knowles  Group shot with3  former presidents of  BCALA-CT  Group Shot of Members  

(NELA) New England Library Association Leadership
 2001 Conference

NELA 2001  NELA 2001 NELA 2001 NELA 2001

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