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What is a blog?
It's short for web log. An online diary or journal that is organized chronologically by date of posted entry. Blogs are comprised of short posts/messages of news that our members share with one another.

View Weblogs in a Nutshell by Lis Riba

View Phil Bradley's Blog powerpoint entitled "Weblogs: what, why, where and when"for an introduction to weblogs.

Why should BCALA-CT Blog?
As a marketing and networking tool; another way for our members to keep current of latest news in our profession; information sharing with one another. It's an easy way to distrubute content to one another without spam.

What Blogging software is BCALA-CT using?
Blogger. one of the easiest blogging software to use and its FREE.

How will I can I be notified of updates to the blog?
Blogger software uses an ATOM feed. Select our site feed link and place it in a separate reader called an "aggregtor" like Bloglines.
Once you've subscribed to our feed and to Bloglines, you'll be notified when the BCALA-CT Blog has added something new.

Subscribe to BCALA-CT's Site Feed/ --------

"Atom is one name for two things: It's both a new standard for developers, as well as a syndication format or "feed" for your blog. When a regularly updated site such as a blog has a feed, people can subscribe to it using software for reading syndicated content called a "newsreader." People like using readers for blogs because it allows them to catch up on all their favorites at once. Like checking email—without the SPAM." (Blogger Help)

What is RSS feed?

Read "RSS for Non Techie Librarians" by Steven M. Cohen

How do I log in?
To view our blog, just click on the link above.

Members, if you want to post message, send us a message and I will send you instructions. Please include in message subject header: Invite bcalact blog

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